Tokio Hotel will play at Movistar Arena (Terra Chile)

Tokio Hotel will play at Movistar Arena and the prices will be from $130thousand to $15thousand.

On Wednesday was closed an agreement to fix the place where will perform for the first time the successful german boy band, which drive crazy the thousands of local fans.
A real bomb in the youth audience promises to be the national arrival of Tokio Hotel, one of the great phenomens of popularity. The band will perform in Santigo on 28th November, as part of their world tour. What remained was to decide where. Finally, it was decided that they will perform at the Movistar Arena, as the Director of Terra IconGroup producer, Aldo Robledo, confirmed.
"We have confirmed the Movistar Arena, we did it two hours ago," he said, adding the great response the public has had. Especially in social networks, where Tokio Hotel fans moves like fish in water : "In Facebook there are more than 12.000 teens who signed to go. There are about 50 Facebook groups dedicated to the band in Chile, in fact it is the country that has more all over the world. We are very happy that people are very turned with the event."
About the tickets, he said that the prices "are going to be around $130 thousand the VIP one and $15 thousand in platform, that would be the cheaper." Won't be any discount with conditions for the buyer : "I don't think there's a discount, because for that you much be a customer of the telephone company and they make you pay so much. So we prefer to approach the issue on tickets and the audience. If we have good prices, good show and good production, people will be happy."
It is not yet determined a realease date for tickets, but will be announced within the next few days.
Finally, the executive announced that the concert of the band led by Bill Kaulitz will have "a campaign that has not been seen before. We come with something new ans powerful", which he wanted to leave a mistery.
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