PETA - Wild Animals Out Of The Circus!

Bill & Tom from Tokio Hotel stand up for animals

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Germany's internationally most successful rock band Tokio Hotel protest with an elaborate photo opportunity for the use of animals in the entertainment industry: "The Slaves Of The Entertainment Industry: Wild Animals Out Of The Circus!" is the slogan with which the musicians, for the first time now participate in a PETA campaign.

Chained and blood-smeared, Bill and Tom are seen in dark surroundings. The campaign is published internationally: in addition to Europe, it is also seen in the U.S. and Asia.

"You only have time to imagine that animals are kept all their lives like that! Circus performances with animals should be prohibited, there are enough interesting alternatives!" says Bill. Specifically, the musicians will appeal to parents who are still bringing their children to the circus with this design. "Especially parents must develop a consciousness here." says Tom.

The two vegetarians also wonder about the Federal Government: On October 17th 2003, the Federal Council unanimously sent a clear signal to the federal government and in a resolution. voted to ban wild animals in the circus (especially elephants, monkeys and bears). The federal government still does not move and makes animal abuse to continue!

A recent representative survey of the Society for Consumer Research in Nürnberg (April 2010) clearly shows that two thirds of the population of wild animals in circuses are no longer timely. And the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons in April 2010, well spoken words, called for reasons of animal protection, the prohibition of wild animals in traveling circuses.

While European countries such as Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria and others have long since imposed a ban on wild animals, the federal government remains passive and thus ignorant of animal suffering.

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