Tokio Hotel Aliens & Humanoids: Tokio Hotel fan Lady Gaga cleans up at MTV's VMA's (Slideshow)

It’s truly amazing how many unexpected aliens live in the Tokio Hotel universe and call themselves Tokio Hotel fans. One Lady Gaga—who just cleaned up at MTV’s VMA’s 2010 on September 12—is a self-proclaimed fan of the German band from Magdeburg.

Said Gaga in an interview with, that she is a “Tokio Hotel fan and proud of it!”

Gaga, who admitted that she loved pretty much everything about Tokio Hotel—the music, the make-up and the hairstyles—nearly took home all the awards at MTV's 2010 Video Music Awards, according to Examiner’s Web Buzz Examiner, Laura Clarizio. Among the categories that Gaga won in were “Best Pop Video”, “Best Female Video”, “Best Dance Video” and of course the biggie of the night “Video of the Year” for “Bad Romance”.

Lady Gaga along with Tokio Hotel had one of the biggest selling albums in Germany last year. Additionally, Gaga’s Germany site, is under the umbrella of Universal Music Group, the same company that holds Tokio Hotel’s website,

Of her fascination with Tokio Hotel Gaga admitted that while it’s classier to not admit to loving the music that emanates from the talented hands of the members of Tokio Hotel, she said, read more
By Buffy Naillon (TH Examiner)

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