MTV World Stage (Malaysia) on TV

MTV will broatcast the highlights of MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010 next 17th September. It means they only will broadcast some of the songs that artist played, by Tokio Hotel will show : "Automatic", "Dogs Unleashed" and "World Behind My Wall". Here you have the list of the countries that are confirmed plus the hour:
17th September
MTV Germany - 7pm
MTV Denmark - 8.50pm
MTV Hungary - 11.50pm
MTV Finland - 9pm
MTV Australia - 10.30pm
MTV Austria - 9pm
MTV Greece - 10pm
MTV Portugal - 9pm
MTV Japan - 11pm
MTV Netherlands - 8.55pm
MTV Italy - 8.05pm
18th September
MTV France 2am
MTVRussia 12.30am

MTV va ha emitir los "Highlights" del MTV World Stage Malasia 2010 el próximo 17 de setiembre. Esto quiere decir que solo se emitirán algunas de las canciones que los grupos tocaron ahí, de Tokio Hotel saldrán : "Automatic", "Dogs Unleashed" y "World Behind My Wall". Aquí tenéis la lista de los paises confirmados junto con la hora, por el momento España no está:
17 setiembre
MTV Alemania - 7pm
MTV Dinamarca - 8.30pm
MTV Hungría - 11.50pm
MTV Finlandia - 9pm
MTV Australia - 10.30pm
MTV Austria - 9pm
MTV Grecia - 10pm
MTV Portugal - 9pm
MTV Japón - 11pm
MTV Holanda - 8.55pm
MTV Italia - 8.05pm
18 September
MTV Francia 2am
MTV Rusia 12.30am

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