Vegetarian Bill Kaulitz on the wrong path in Los Angeles?

Wandering through Los Angeles' nightlife incognito? No chance, if you're Tokio-Hotel-frontman Bill Kaulitz (20). Also in the USA the popstar isn't safe from paparazzi…

With a fancy fake fur jacket, thick woolen hat (and with almost as thick make-up), stylish sunglasses on his head and a pack of cigarettes in his hand Bill Kaulitz left a steakhouse in West Hollywood, when photographers took pics.

There arises the question: What is a vegetarian doing in a steakhouse? Bill Kaulitz got chosen, besides Nena, as the "Sexiest Vegetarian 2010" from the animal rights organization PETA, doesn't eat meat because "out of love for animals".

Well, all right… in a steakhouse they have of course also salads and baked potatoes.

That the paparazzi took pics while he was leaving the "STK Steakhouse" didn't suit his plans at all. His look speaks volumes…

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