MTV Confirmed concerts in November

After the commotion made by Reebok draw to attend along with Tom and the band in a “supposed concert” to celebrate in the month of November, in which participation was limited to people in German speaking countries, the fans start to consider, and rightly so, some questions, highlighting greatly, which have to do with the “supposed concerts.”

Just 10 weeks left for the main month and for the moment, whatever it is that being prepared is being taken very quietly. We have contacted the channel VIVA, which is but an offshoot of MTV mastodon, and we have confirmed that the concerts will take place, but the location and the dates secret.

If we pull imagination and without falling into mentalism, it is not unreasonable to think that Tokio Hotel finally attend the ceremony of the EMA in Madrid on November 7, among other things, because the band will be in Europe, because it’s soiree MTV’s number one chain, which sponsors the pantomime Reebok and because the group has been, is and will be a fixture in the event.
We have, therefore, a ration of Tokio Hotel live before the end of the year. Can you ask for more? Now Christmas can come when it want…

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