Bill Kaulitz Swings Into STK

Making for a rare sighting, Bill Kaulitz of "Tokio Hotel" was spotted checking out the Tinseltown nightlife with a visit to the STK Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Saturday (August 21).

The German pop star looked his usual stylish self as he dropped by the popular west coast eatery/nightclub with a bodyguard trying to thwart awaiting paparazzi along the way.
As for their musical endeavors, Tokio Hotel recently performed a gig in Malaysia during which Bill and his brother Tom Kaulitz spoke of possible plans for a bilingual followup to the popular Humanoid album.

Tom said, "The problem is we will need about two years to produce the record. because we have to do everything twice! So instead of recording, say, 50 songs, now we have to record 100!"

"And I have to write the lyrics in two languages, so that’s really a lot of work," added Bill. "So we’re not really sure about that, but I think we can do a little bit here and there, but we definitely (still) want to make English songs, and because it’s not a word-to-word translation, we like to think of it as two versions of one song, because sometimes the story is also different."

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