TRL in Catania: Special episode about Tokio Hotel


At the presence of Bill and Tom in Catania on July 16, Universal Music Italy and MTV are glad to announce the episode of Friday will be devoted totally to Tokio Hotel!
Twins will be guests during the whole TRL episode: they will be interviewed and they will present the new CD/DVD released on July 20. During the broadcast they will show in worldwide premiere some sneak peaks from Humanoid City Live filmed in Milano!
Stay tuned for updates and more news .

Con la presencia de Bill y Tom en Catania el 16 de julio, Universal Music Italy y MTV anuncian que el episodio del viernes será entregado totalmente para Tokio Hotel!
Los gemelos serán invitados durante todo el episodio del TRL: serán entrevistados y presentarán su nuevo CD/DVD que saldrá a la venta el 20 de julio. Durante el episodio, ellos mostrarán a todo el mundo algunas partes del Humanoid City Live grabado en Milán!
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