TRL Catania Updates! #3

On Friday July 16th, on the occasion of Tokio Hotel visit in Catania, the "Humanoid City Live" DVD and CD (to be released on July 20th in the rest of the world) will be on preview and exclusive sale at La Feltrinelli/Ricordi Media Stores in Catania (address: Sant'Eupilio 38).

We're happy to confirm that in front of the TRL stage there'll be an area [called "ring"] exclusively dedicated to the fans carrying the new DVD/CD "Humanoid City – Live".

To gain access to this restricted area, you'll need to have:
- a copy of "Humanoid City – Live" (DVD or CD), on sale at the Ricordi Media Store since that friday morning.
- a wristband you can get showing your DVD or CD at the MTV booth in Piazzale Asia, opposite to the MTV truck, from 11 AM. The wristbands will evidently be in limited numbers, so that we can garantee a maximum of admissions and meet the safety requirements ordained by MTV and the police headquarters.

Only fans who'll show BOTH their DVD or CD AND the wristband will have access to the "ring" in front of the stage. Without exception. We tought of the wirstbands so that fans don't have to spend the whole day under the sun: in fact the owners of the wristband can enter the "ring" even some minutes before the show.


All the fans who'll have access to the "ring" (therefore, in possession on the DVD or CD AND of the MTV wristband) will be able to have their DVD/CD signed by Bill and Tom, directly on the TRL stage after the broadcast.

In case there were fans with a copy of the DVD or CD, but were unable to get a wristband for the "ring", we'll consider the possibility of having also their DVD/CDs signed after the fans in the "ring".
PLEASE NOTE that the chance of these fans having their copies signed is perforce bound to the directions given by the security staff, the MTV staff and the police on the spot.

The fans' collaboration is thus FUNDAMENTAL. Therefore we ask you to use your common sense and follow the directions given by the security to make the course of the program easier (so, who has his/her copy already signed should leave to allow the others to have the same privilege, who doesn't have a copy of the DVD/CD has to try not preventing the others from getting closer to the place where the signing session takes place etc.).

Translation by Seipht

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