Breaking the records for the love for Tokio Hotel !

KimiTomiDoll (from Belgium Street Team) create this amazing worldwide FanAction. 
Idea: "TwlightFans want to break our 12 Km long fanletter record. Of course we can't let them do that. So I suggest, 1 or 2 persons per country take a responsible who will get all the fanletters of their country together and that person sends all the letters to me. I will be responsible for Belgium. Then I will hang all the letters on each other. I promise I won't read them, you can trust me with this.
Rules: "Don't write the letter on the front and the back, but if you write more than 1 page then take a new paper because otherwise it will not go fast."
Wanna be the responsable: "If you cant to be responsable for you country DM me."
How long: "I am not gonna say how long we are gonna make it because otherwise TwilightFans know how to beat us again. So hup hup hup, we can make this fanletter so long."

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