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Tokio Hotel Wear Day
On December 15th, like you should know, Tokio Hotel are going to concretize their dreams: go to Tokyo. On that day, like has been proposed to fans, celebrate that with TH things (like t-shirts, necklaces, etc...). We thought, “Why not do a TH TV Fans episode about this and show how much the fans are happy and proud for their idols?”
So pick up your camera and record, say something, shows us how you're dressed or even record some parts of your day. If you do something especial on this day record something. Send us your videos !

Christmas Special
The Christmas is coming, and we couldn’t let this date blank. It is a really important date, and for shore, you, Tokio Hotel fan, will receive something of them this Christmas, as a gift. If that is the case, you can send us a video, with that moment, because, we, TH TV Fans, are going to do an especial Christmas. You can also send us a video where you wish ‘Merry Christmas’ for the four band members, or anything else, but this has to be on the same theme.
Be original ! Join the Christmas spirit with a lot of love and fascination that you feel for Tokio Hotel. And send us your videos for:
Thanks THFans TV.

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