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We'll let ourselves be surprised in Chile

No doubt that Tokio Hotel is one of the most awaited for visits of the year, and there are thousands of fans that can't take the excitement anymore. Knowing this, we took the phone and spoke to the hottest twins in music. Here it is, our exclusive interview with Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

The constant traveling has been the tonic (strength) for the guys of Tokio Hotel for a few years now. And it is precisely the fact of meeting so many people and the diverse places, something that never ceases to excite Bill, Tom, Georg, and Gustav, that has taken their music this year from their native Germany, stopping in Russia, and their successful stop in Asia, where the echoes of their most recent album, Humanoid City, still resonates. Now, and for the joy of thousands of fans, the German band arrives for the first time in Santiago, a fact that has Bill and Tom tremendously excited, who while on their tour break (since they are adjusting the details of their arrival to South America) from Hamburg took the time to speak with us, giving us a heads up on how their first performance in Santiago will be, what they expect from their Chilean fans, and how they believe this, their first visit to South America will be. Girls... we present, the Kaulitz twins.

Tú: How do you feel at just a few days from presenting your show and the band for the first time in South America?
Tom: The truth is we are so happy, because it is the first time that we go there, and if we didn't do so before, is because it is really difficult to manage a show of this kind and travel so far with the tour that we were doing. But the truth is that we feel really happy of meeting our fans "from down there" (laughs) very soon.

Tú: The show you will present in Santiago will be similar to what the fans have seen in Europe?
Bill: Since we will be presenting the new album, the performance will be the same that has been seen on the European Humanoid City Tour. The thing is we can't take absolutely everything from the production with us to Chile, but we will take our outfits, and all that, so in that sense it will be the same. You can be sure we are going with all we have and more, because we are anxious to go and play in Chile.

Tú: What are your thoughts on how in far away countries such as Chile, fans adore and prefer German versions of your songs over English?
Tom: Wow! (laughter)... I am very surprised, because I really had no idea! But, are you serious? Wow! (pause and chatter among the Kaulitz). And good thing you tell me! because we are just now preparing the list of songs that we are going to perform; and it is awesome to know that the fans love our mother language, with which we began to make ourselves known. And you know what, I am really pleased that it is this way, because besides German and English we don't speak anything else, and it is admirable that our fans in Chile feel interested in listening to our songs in German and that they take the time to translate them. I am excited!

Tú: I can tell you more Tom, in Chile the fans are dedicated, because they adore the German versions and they and demand them on the albums...
Tom: They are really incredible, I cannot believe it! Never in my life would I have imagined it, it's incredible...it's perfect!

Tú: And since we are on the subject of our country, do you know anything about Chile?
Bill: The truth is we are going to let ourselves be surprised, because we don't know much about the country, nor do we know much about the music, but we are always in contact with our fan clubs and we know the tremendous support that they give us from Chile. We have read it all, because they tell us a lot and we have also seen the videos that our fans in Chile upload on the Internet (and they are truly creative). But anyway, aside from that, we are going to let them surprise us; I think that is the most beautiful thing about traveling, because you arrive to a city that you don't know, and you let yourself be surprised by all those new impressions.

Tú: We know the "unconditional love" that you awaken in your fans. Are you prepared for the harassment (always with love, it's clear) from so many girls that awaits you here?
Tom: The truth is that in more than one occasion we have had one bad experience with some fan, because sometimes someone will lose control and we don't know what to do; even if it happens a thousand times, we still gets nervous. But we are more than wishful to be there soon, with our fans, that are always with the best disposition and with all their love supporting us from the first row in our concerts.

Tú: With all the success, tours, trips, performances, etc... Have you ever stopped to think if, at some time you wished to take your voice and songs to countries as far as ours?
Bill: It is something incredible. So tremendous! I have yet to finish assimilating and comprehending it all, and it makes me glad that it is like this. It is something that none of us ever imagined, since we never thought that we would have so much success outside of our own country, and especially in other continents. We still cannot believe that we travel so much, that we meet so many people, and that we can sing to fans in so many places. It is something that each time I see it and I experience it, it moves me. Truthfully, I cannot help it because it is a gift and I am very thankful for having received it.

Tú: As good musicians, I would love to check out your personal iPod, so that you recommend some music that you like to the readers of Tú.
Bill: Within the band, our music taste is very diverse, since we all like different things. But what we all like and is absolutely recommended is Aerosmith. To me, personally, what I like the most is music from the 80's. I love Depeche Mode, I love the Stereophonics... I think that bands of that style are the best and without a doubt I recommend them to our fans.

Tú: Let me tell you, you have great taste...
Bill: How sweet, thank you so much.
Tom: Hahaha...he's all red! Hahaha

Tú: Finally, I would like to leave the line open, for you to leave a message to the fans, who are eagerly waiting for you in Chile.
Tom: What we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all and to the fans for their support, and that we are very happy to take our music there. And it has been so long since we wanted to do it, and finally we have done it! So we are happy to finally be able to be over there, and we give you infinite thanks for all the support that you have always given us, thank you for all the good things that we have received from them, and for the stupendous show that I know we will have in Santiago. Greetings to all the fans in Chile and we'll see you soon.
Bill: Danke schön.
Translation by Vee

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