Monsunity: We are on the top 135 on iTunes!

24 hours after starting the project 99 cents, the song "Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei" entered directly to the TOP 176 of iTunes on Monday night.

Today on Tuesday, the song is in the TOP 135!

Do not forget that iTunes has million songs to the sale and "our one", which was opening the concerts of the Tour "Schrei" with Tom's guitar causing the general hysteria in seconds, "Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei"… is in the TOP 135…

5 years after his publication. Without support of radios. Without support of anybody. Only yours. The support of the fans.

If before this I knew that you were great, now I have to kneel and kiss the ground you step
Now it's when we have work to the maximum. We have managed to enter to the TOP in 24 hours. Now we have to continue rising. We have to continue expanding the message…

If this continues this way, the band is going to hear from us…

Let's go!

There can't be a friend, neighbor or relative who doesn't know about the iTunes song!

You are the greatest thing ever!

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