Atrevida nº05.2010 (BR) + english translation

10 things you know perfectly - or not

  1. - Bill and Tom got their first kiss when they were 10 years old - and with the same girl ! "One day, was for Tom, and the next day, was my turn", admits Bill.
  2. - Tom has weakness for the actress Jessica Alba.
  3. - Georg would like to watch "Marley and Me" film.
  4. - Bill and Tom sometimes fights for some things, but they wouldn't allow a girl to intrude between them.
  5. - Gustav would have likes to be a politician. Georg would have been to be a dentist if he had not dedicated to music.
  6. - The band loves pizza !
  7. - Georg is always late and is the laziest.
  8. - Bill and Tom sometimes dream the same during the night.
  9. - Tom manage the money of the band.
  10. - Bill belives in love at first sight.

True or False ?
Find out what you know about Tokio Hotel
  1. - Tom likes Olsen twins.
  2. - After a concert, the members of the band go out for a walk.
  3. - Twins Bill and Tom didn't have good relation when they are out of the spotlights.
  4. - Tokio Hotel's name is inspired by the city of Tokyo and the hotel because they travel, and stay in hotels.
  5. - Georg wrote most of the songs.
  6. - Gustav was 5 when he started playing drums. Tom had his first guitar at age 7.
  7. - If he wasn't a musician, Bill would work in fashion.
  8. - All band members have a tattoo or piercing.
  9. - The twins members were born in Leipzig, Germany, and Tom is older than Bill for 10 minutes.
  10. - Gustav, Tom and Bill are the zodiacal sign of Vigo.
(Answers : 1.true 2.false 3.false 4.true 5.false 6.true 7.true 8.false 9.true 10.true)

They are different !
Look at the origins of the eccentric German Tokio Hotel, we find that they are not similar to other bands, and with each album they show that they are here to stay !

A boy with spiky hair and nails perfectly painted in black. A boy with dreadlocks. A boy with long hair that looks better than our. A boy that had been struck in the head. They are the perfect combination of styles that create the german band Tokio Hotel, who has won multi-platinium, places four of their singles in the first place in the european charts, and also in 2008 they won the VMA as "Best New Artist". Between 2009 and 2010, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer, launched "Humanoid" which was released after as live CD / DVD, and in February 2010 they started their international tour in Luxembourg. So, this concert full of special effects that have been in 30 european cities, will come to Brasil, particularly in Sao Paulo in November.
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