Wir wollen Tokio Hotel auf deutsch

- They release bonus track only in English.
- They preferred English for the promotion of the album by singing in English EVEN in GERMANY.
- They release a single only in english (World Behind My Wall).
- They played songs in English in ALL the dates of the Humanoid City Tour.
- The clip Dark Side Of The Sun was released only in English.
- The live DVD will be released only in English.

What will it be next time ?!
To avoid that this continues and worsens, we have decide to act ! The purpose of the project is to show to TH that we don't want that they stop German because look at the reality, if they stop German they will lose enormously of fans.

- Las canciones extras de Humanoid son solo en inglés.
- Prefirieron hacer la promoción del álbum en inglés y firmaron en inglés incluso en Alemania !
- Sacaron a la venta el single solo en inglés (World Behind My Wall).
- Tocaron canciones en inglés en TODAS las fechas del Humanoid City Tour.
- El video Dark Side Of The Sun solo salió en inglés.
- El DVD en directo es solo en inglés.

Que será lo siguiente ?!
Para evitar que esto sigue y empeore, hemos decidido actuar ! El propósito de este proyecto es mostrar a TH que no queremos que dejen el alemán porque.. mirar la realidad, si dejan el alemán van a perder muchos fans.

4 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

The played the german songs in Denmark.

Nancy said...

Oh yes! You know once I thought - what was the purpose of releasing Humanoid in german? To perform it only in german-speaking countries? And now you say that english is even in Germany omg oO
I'm so jealous girls I wish I could visit german concert... Too much english for a german band I think. Of course it's up to them. Though I understand english perfectly I can hardly name a song which lyrics I know in english :D
German, please perform in german that comes from your hearts.

Anonymous said...

one point is not true - They've played ALL SONGS in GERMAN in Poland!

Lorraine said...

We need you all for the project ! ♥ Thank you for your support !

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