International Wear Tokio Hotel Day

We want to pass the ball to all of you and make 15th of December the Tokio Hoteliest day EVER in the planet! It’s a big day since it’s the day Tokio Hotel finally goes to Tokio and Japan! We know the fans in Japan are going to be excited and storming the streets wearing Tokio Hotel-merch.... let’s all make it the International Wear Tokio Hotel Day to celebrate! On Wednesday 15th of December, pull out your Tokio Hotel fan merch clothing, bags, belts, gloves, what ever you own and have the guts to wear (please don’t show your Bill-strings!) and go out and be proud!

Meet your friends, Tokio Hotel fans and celebrate Tokio! To show the global support, please send a picture of you or a picture of your group wearing Tokio Hotel to and
All the submitted photos will be collected and stored in an International Wear Tokio Hotel Day-album in our gallery at and to our Facebook-Group!

- Please post only a picture of people whose permission you have (ask your friends before posting their picture! )
- Your picture cannot involve strings, nudity or viagra LOL
- Show the Tokiomania! Be fun: jump in the air, play airguitar, hug a statue, whatever is legal and up your alley!
- Please realise that your photo will be published online. Think before you send. Bikinis are fine among friends, not worldwide.

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