"I vote Tokio Hotel" Fan Action

Hey guys, we have planned a NEW voting fan action, along with THBrazil and the girls of @PlanetTokio from twitter, where all the fans get on at the same time worldwide (except for Brazil fans. They'll start the fanaction on 10:00pm Brazil time) and vote for Tokio Hotel in the "Best World Stage Performance" category at the MTV EMA 2010.

We want to collect the screen caps and make a collage out of it and post it on our pages and MTV Ema's page to show our ALIEN power!The fan action will take place on October 30th 2010 at these times (EXCEPT Brazil is starting at 10 pm LOCAL TIME)

All you have to do is head on down to EMAs vote link (or whatever the link is of the country you are using to vote) OR you can go to TH page on EMAs web and click the vote box to vote for Tokio Hotel when the fan action starts in your country.We want you guys to take ONE SCREEN CAP after you have votedas that's the only proof we can get to know whether people voted or not.
The vote box has to say 'Thank you' in the screen cap to show you have voted. Example

You can send the screen cap to our mail add: thnowandforever@hotmail.com
OR via facebook as a message to 'TH fans now & 4ever' admins RAYA, RACHEL ALVA and TAYLOR PLUMELY. Please do not post it on their walls since it may cause spammingl. Only messages will be accepted.

Twitter users can direct message to the twitter pages: @THFansNow_4ever, @PlanetTokio & @THBrazil.
If you want you can add a short personal message and a picture of you to the screen cap. eg: 'We love you and best of luck'..Something like that. Remember to keep it short and sweet. :D

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