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Tokio Hotel says Katy Perry isn't evil
Hamburg (ots) - 06/10/2010 - Discordant notes in the Music Business: Now the successful band Tokio Hotel take a position on the abuse of U.S. pop queen Katy Perry, 25 "The good thing is probably that she still a little annoyed because we get her away the award of "Best Newcomer" in 2008 at the U.S. MTV awards," said guitarist Tom Kaulitz, 21, in an interview with GALA (Issue 41 / 2010 from 7 October in the trade). Perry has "the gay-bashing" but surely not serious, so Kaulitz on. "We have already met her at backstage, as more and everything was okay."
At a concert in Singapore Katy Perry had recently thundered: "You are from Tokio Hotel so so gay, they is not even guys." Furthermore, would the boys wear more make-up than they are.
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