Tokio Hotel fans create a #HappyBdayKaulitzTwins trending topic on Twitter

For a second day in a row the fans of the German band Tokio Hotel have created a Twitter trending topic. It was reported yesterday that the mysterious #MerryChristmas trending topic had its origins in the Tokio Hotel fan base. Quite a bit of confusion and sometimes delight reigned as people not familiar with Tokio Hotel—or its very loyal fan base speculated as to the cause. It even merited a column on the Huffington Post, although the origins were stated to be different.

And today—again with screenshots to back it up—the fans of Tokio Hotel are at it again, this time for a much more logical reason. The Tokio Hotel twins, Tom and Bill Kaulitz turned 21-years old today. [click here to read the whole article]
Article by Buffy Naillon, Germany Headlines Examiner,

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