Interview: Bill Kaulitz on Overpacking and His Fashion Inspirations

Lead singer, German fashion icon, part-time model, and clothing designer, Bill Kaulitz has a style all his own. The Tokio Hotel frontman talks about what inspires his look and how he travels in style with Buzznet.

Buzznet: Who are your style icons?
Bill Kaulitz: I don’t have a particular idol. There are many different people though who I like and get inspired by. Working with Karl Lagerfeld for instance was great. I adore him. I’m also a huge fan of Hedi Slimane. When it comes to music and appearance Steven Tyler is really impressive!

Bill Kaulitz's Top 25 Looks

BN: What is your absolute favorite item of clothing?
BK: That’s a really tough question because there’s barely anything that I can spare while I’m on the road. I don’t have a specific piece of clothing – I simply need it all which is why I bring 10 to 20 suitcases with me. By now, my closets look almost like a clothing store. Even though I find it a little insane myself, I enjoy it a lot.

BN: What fashion trend do you wish would just go away already?

BK: Fur!!! I find it horrible that so many animals get killed for fashion because that’s not how it needs to be. Buying items made of artificial leather or artificial fur from the well know designers is not an easy thing, but when I get items custome made I always make sure that no animals are used for them.My hope is that the big and more expensive lables will start working like this and some more animals will be saved.

Bill Kaulitz Look-a-Likes

BN: Describe your look in three words or less
BK: I’m afraid that’s something I can’t do and would also limit myself too much. Every morning when I’m getting dressed I’d have to stick to exactly these three words. An absolutely horrible thought! I’ll leave it to someone else to make up the three words

BN: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?

BK: I still need to write that one

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