Collien Fernandes about Tokio Hotel

A Tokio Hotel fan saw Collien at A1 Club Event and could ask her if she likes Tokio Hotel. Collien said : "No, not more. Before they were sweet and kind. But now they are totally conceited, arrogant and aloof."

Una fan de Tokio Hotel vio a Collien en el A1 Club Event y le preguntó si le gusta Tokio Hotel. Collien respondió : "No, no mas. Anteriormente ellos eran dulces y agradables. Pero ahora son totalmente vanidosos, arrogantes y distantes."

Translation by THEurope

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juzzyjuz said...

they are only aloof and conceited to you Collien cos they don't like you! haha!

zo0oba said...

one word (( bitch ))

Thmonsun said...

She is just huffy, cause Tom said at the Comet awards, when she asked about Viagra-accident, that "He needs, when he with her sex makes" . I think the guys are not arrogant, they are sweet and great!!! Collien is a bitch :P

Sorry my english is crap, but i hope you understand it. :P

zo0oba said...

LOL omg i didnt know he said that to her well she deserves it .. sticking her nose on others business ;p

Thmonsun said...

I know :D I listened, I speak german and live in Germany but I'm hungarian :D
Also, he said this, was very funny xD

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