Chatter [DE] - Depressions? Bill cant stand it anymore

The worst crisis of his life: Bill Kaulitz’ year long success-trip is slowly turning into a Horror-Trip

Tokio Hotel released 4 Albums in 4 Years, which immedietely got #1 in the german Charts. Whole Europe goes wild because of these 4 boys from Magdeburg and from 2008 on american girls joined the european ones. A success-story, there’s no question about that. But by now it’s also a story about a burden which rests on the shoulders of the Frontman, Bill Kaulitz!

No one has ever seen the singer so stressed and down like today. The only thing that’s left from Bill is a shadow of his former self, when he secretly scurried into the Steakhouse “STK” in Los Angeles. A scandal for his fans, since Bill was recently voted “Sexiest Vegetarian” by the animal welfare organization “Peta”. But also celebrities criticize him. “You’re so gay”, Katy Perry agiated against him. People often attacked him in public, but this time the 21-year-old really takes it to heart. “The thing that Katy is doing is not nice, but she’s a strange person. There are a lot of shallow people in the music industry”, Bill says dolefully.

The times when Bill was considered a fashion muse, seem to be over too. Recently, his Twin Tom got a Model job for the shoe manufacturer “Reebok”. Tom doesn’t seem to notice that his brother isn’t feeling well. In fact he talks about a new Album – in german and english: “We’d have to do everything twice. Like, instead of recording 50 Songs we would have to record 100.”, said Tom. This means a lot of pressure for Bill, since he writes the Songs on his own.

Why doesn’t anyone notice, that this overwhelmes him?

• Got you! The vegeterian gets driven to a Steakhouse in L.A!
• Fans are angry: 2009 Bill announced that he would stop eating meat because of his “Love for animals”. Did he forget that in this restaurant?
• Tokio Hotel is one of the most successful german Bands of all time. Their recently released Tour-DVD is on #1 in the Charts in Germany, France, Switzerland, Malaysia, Brazil and Colombia.

• Katy Perry mocks him: “You’re so Gay, and you don’t even like boys….”
• Bill’s brother Tom is modelling now: He’s the new star of “Reebok”. In January Bill modelled for the Label “DSquared2?
• Bill Kaulitz absent-mindedly runs through L.A. Life is not easy for the singer at the moment.
• A continous-guest at the Studio: There’s got to be a new Album after “Humanoid” – bilingual “I have to write the lyrics in english and german now”, says Bill.

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