Tom's Blog- Humanoid City LIVE DVD & Album (Release: July 19/20)

In Germany, our LIVE DVD & Album just got released and the rest of the world will follow next week. What I'd like to know is which of the songs is your fave LIVE track? Vote now...

Pre-Order LIVE DVD / Album Combo

Humanoid City LIVE: Which Is Your Favorite LIVE Song?
01. Noise
02. Human Connect to Human
03. Breakaway
04. Pain of Love
05. World Behind My Wall
06. Hey You
07. Alien (English Version)
08. Ready, Set, Go!
09. Humanoid (German Version)
10. Phantomrider
12. Love & Death
13. In Your Shadow I Can Shine
14. Automatic
15. Screamin
16. Darkside of the Sun
17. Zoom into Me
18. Monsoon
19. Forever Now

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