Tokio Hotel "A present for Italy" Interview

Catania went nuts for Bill and Tom Kaulitz
Under sun and night camping

The Interview
They presented at Le Ciminiere the DVD "Humanoid City - Live" filmed in Milano

CATANIA. The car with dark glasses has space among the crowd. Here them,stars are arrived. They are the today's divas. They are Tokio Hotel. To wait, an amount of screaming teenagers from all Italy, most of them spent the night before in front of TRL stage to be in first line. Same scene in front of Feltrinelli store, many guys waited the opening to buy the only 300 copies of new Humanoid City Live DVD, filmed during Milano concert and realeased in worldwide premiere in Catania.
Vanessa, Chiara and Nadir, 20 years old girls arrived from Palermo at 4 am, but there are also girls from Vicenza and Padova who were at Ciminiere since 10 pm on Thursday. With umbrellas to protect from sun and sun-protection cream to do not burn, they waited until yesterday at 19 pm to see their idols. Absolute devotion since the band didn't perform but simply presented the new dvd.
Only 2 of 4 band members were attending, but the most loved: Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the twins of group. The teutonic emo and the cornrows rapper. Grey shirt with vampire teeths,nailpolish, dark makeup, brilliant ring and wedges shoes for singer Bill, red squares shirt, sneakers and cornrows for guitarist Tom. They have a "pure" face and the behaviour of 2 next door teenagers.
Why did you choose to shoot DVD just during Milano date of your tour?
"We decided" - Bill tells - "because it was the final part of our tournee. It was one of our best shows ever and this DVD producer made a really good job. Inside then, there is a part for backstage in which there are really funny sit-com. We love Italian fans also so we were happy to shoot our DVD just during Milano concert".

Is this your first time in Sicily?
"Yes, and unluckly we weren't able to see many things: on Thursday night we didn't slept and today we are left early,so we spent the whole day in hotel. By the way, here in Sicily there is an incredible warm. Actually in Germany is hot as well, but not in this way".

How do you feel to be the most successful German band of the last 20 years?
"We are really proud of this success also because it wasn't easy to get. Everything we do, since we get up until we go to sleep is related to Tokio Hotel. At the beginning we had fans in our country only, then our label told us: "now let's try in France, Italy,etc.". Our life changed totally in so few time. When we came back to school, everything was different. But all medails have their back. To example, today we hav no more what you can define as normal life. We have no privacy and we can't go out with friends like everyone else and we are always with bodyguards. At the beginning we felt really strange".

The most crazy thing a fan did for you?
"In front our house there is always people who wait our come back. We come back really few times in Germany and when we do, we'd like to stay with our family or our dogs. Sometimes there are some crazy people waiting even whole days in their car and who have nothing to do with our usual supporters. by the way, once it happened a real absurd thing.A girl climbed until 3rd floor and went in by a window just to meet us. At the end we made a picture with her of course".

How important is look and make-up for Tokio Hotel?
"Everyone" - Bill says - "has always kept his own style. To example, I always dress and make up in this way. It wasn't a decision related to TH. Our only rule is be ourselves".

Next projects?
"We'll visit Asia and Latin America. About future ,after these dates and DVD release, well let's wait and see. Our life is made of many surprises. When we were at school everything was the same. The frequent news instead are the thing we love mostly about Tokio Hotel!".
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