Interview with Bill & Tom ( English Translation

Bill: Such a director just comes along and then he has just once chance and you've been on tour all the time. You exactly know which moments you want to be caught and where you put emphasis on.

Tom: Because we exactly knew that it will be like that, we said that it's important to have everyone of us in every situation. So we had as much cameras that we could say when we saw the DVD: "So, now the cut has to come on Bill, now the cut has to come on Georg, now the cut has to come on me, that's often the case anyway... of course, if it should become good.

Bill: When you let some time pass by and you watch all DVDs again, and you know "okay, how was the first show, how did it all begin, and above all, until then it was also a process and a long way and when you see recordings then from the very beginning, when we stood in a little club, then it feels really good. Precisely because with this tour we kinda realized our dreams, with things we always have wanted on our stage and things we always have wanted to do on stage. Well, if I watch it, then I'm proud, definitely. That we made this, and also this album, which is not easy to implement as a foursome, and to transport it on the stage in the way we want it.
I'm also glad that we recorded one of the last shows because everything went well in the show..

Tom: But we also had one or two concerts before that where everything went wrong. And I freaked out because I said, when this will happen with the DVD as well, then... eh.. eh..

Bill: Well, you're always quite stressed because there's only one chance and at the same time you want to enjoy the concert as well. And on the other hand you hope that the production works well, but this time everything was perfect.

Tom (at the tour rehearsal preview): Oh dear! I have to do everything on my own!

Bill: I personally wanted this because for us it is a way to interpret our songs and to convey the feeling from the whole record and for us it was that everything fit together at the end. The stage, the outfits, the artwork, the songs..

Tom: Everything was planned to the tick. From the opening of the ball at the beginning, every pyro show to the confetti and the courses of action, when you have to stand there and there and so on... and when Bill has to change his outfits. For us it was a complete different challenge to make the show like that.

Bill: I think it was a mix and completely unexpected for a couple of fans. I think some people came who have maybe already seen five concerts of us. And I think it was a big surprise for many people then, especially the first shows. Something like that gets around very fast, also through the internet of course and... I think at the first shows many were simply a bit shocked. But that was exactly what we wanted. I was bent on surprising the people and to show them something new.

Bill: The cool thing is that we had not been arguing the whole tour. I really have to say that it was very harmonic. What's actually quite weird...

Tom: Yeah well, but we had two tour busses, that was the good thing.

Bill: Exactly, we had two tour busses, but I expected it that we would argue earlier. And everything went fine until the last concert in Paris, we REALLY shout at each other there, it was the worst fight we had since a long time.

Tom: I think I've never presented something every evening with that great relish. Because we put so much work in it a half year or longer before. Both in the stage and in the planning of this show. We had to build the whole stage and had to test the course with the crew because it was so extremely elaborate. And so much people had to push different buttons during the show. And yeah.. we had to rehearse that... how long were we in London?

Bill: A week, right?

Tom: A week, yeah... and we rehearsed there, you can also see a bit of our rehearsal on the Live DVD.

Bill: And when you see it now, then we achieved with the DVD exactly what we wanted...

Tom: This is our best Live DVD by far.
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