Humanoid City LIVE wins and convinces (Translation)

The DVD summarizes in an excellent way the intention of the band with their last Tour. The striking staging, which mission was to move the spectator to this other world in full deshumanization, could not be more successful. The bet was so brave and though like good nostalgic persons we miss many Tokio Hotel classics, they has done the right thing, go through the middle way and push against all odds to death defending their first idea. More works are coming and they will have time to please the fans that demands more "Schrei" and more teddybears. 

The quote about the hard work that goes to create the third album of a band is little trite, but it's a big truth. Also, the band members have grown up being into a project during their adolescence, then there are more difficulties. The artist, by nature tends to want to show and in a way to escape from his past by making a new present. Gustav, Georg, Tom and Bill have learned so much in their first years of hard career and, although it sounds contradictory, the early successes become for these bands a "little prision" from which they can't escape but at the same time they should appreciate them.

The bands members that born early, always need to convince the world about how much they have learned from the beginning, and want to convince the world with their new knowledge and use the money they won in the best material that helps them to go back to the fame top and remove this tag of being a teenie band that cover all the folders and magazines of teenagers. Everything we expected with the realease of the "Humanoid" CD and "Humanoid City" tour has happened. They show a new sound, a new and dangerous  style, and they even surprise us with an innovator stage that waste fantasy and so many investment.

Tokio Hotel have tried, during this last year, to escape from himself and the do it quite successfully. During the last month, and analyzing the five years of the band, "Humanoid" is more than the definition of a new style, is the confirmation of the band that their are into the adulthood. "Humanoid" is the first binge, the first trip with their friends, is the definition of what they want because 'til the date they had been guided.

"Humanoid" is the last project of Tokio Hotel and their Live DVD "Humanoid City" (that is taken like a concept and unit totally independent of its composition) could become the referent documentary for all the people that last October turned their eyes to other way with the realease of the new album.

Doesn't matter if you could go to a concert, or not, sit down in front of the TV, close the doors and let oneself be carried along by the music. If when the metal ball is closed, and start taking out the credits while playing "Darkside of the sun" Remix, you fell the chill then congratulations, your blood runs through your veins.
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