Humanoid World Contest

To celebrate the exciting release of the Welcome to Humanoid City Tour LIVE DVD and CD, Official Tokio Hotel Fanclubs from around the world have come together to create an amazing contest for you! With multiple opportunities to win from an amazing selection of prizes, this contest will be a great way to fill the next two weeks of boring waiting for the release! And you might even win the DVD everyone is dying to have in their hands!

The rules are very simple - this is a scavenger hunt and you are tasked with finding 15 puzzle pieces that fit together to make one big picture.

So where are these puzzle pieces?
Tokio Hotel have a diverse and international fanbase, and an amazing collection of colourful Fanclubs, so you will need to embrace your fellow international fans and delve into Fanclubs you may never have visited. On the participating Fanclub pages, you will find, somewhere on their website, one puzzle piece. You must save that puzzle piece and keep it safe. On the same page that you find the puzzle piece, you will also see a flag. That flag is your clue to the next Fanclub. Once you have figured out which country you need to visit, you must find their official Fanclub and start the process again until you have collected all 15 puzzle pieces.

Sound's easy, right?
There's a time limit! You have exactly 24 hours to find the puzzle piece before moving on to the next Fanclub. Once the 24 hour time period has elapsed, the puzzle piece will be taken down and you will no longer be able to collect it. That is why time is of the essence!

Don't panic!
There will be a last chance opportunity to find any puzzle pieces you missed. On the 16th July, the last day of the contest, all Fanclubs will have their puzzle piece up on their website. You get a last chance 24 hours for any missing piece. So don't worry if you miss a day or two - you will still be in the running!

So what can I win?
We have an amazing selection of prizes to give away! Check it out:

15 Humanoid City Live DVDs, 15 "Durch den Monsun" singles, 5 Caught on Camera DVDs, 5 Humanoid City Live CDs, singles (Automatic, Scream, Der letzte Tag, Schrei, Rette mich), T-Shirts, folders, notebooks, Posters, necklaces, totebags, pin sets, magazines and stickers from all around the world

With so many great prizes to win, you can't fail to be lucky!

So good luck!

Important info:

* You must save all 15 puzzle pieces to win.
* You must send all 15 puzzle pieces attached to an email at the END of the contest.
* We will not accept emails before the end of the contest.
* Send puzzle pieces + your name + your country to:
* If you want hints or help, tweet using the hashtag #humanoidworld and we'll be there for you.
* Deadline for sending all the puzzle pieces is exactly 8pm german time on 18th July 2010
* For reference, this contest changes country at 8pm german time each evening and will do so until the 15th July 2010.
*This contest is open to fans worldwide!

You will see the first flag on the homepage of the Monsun Magazin on the 1st July, 8pm. You have exactly 24 hours to find the homepage of this country's official Fanclub and their puzzle piece. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

About this competition. Me and many others are not able to get in on the site for today(for the second puzzle piece). What shall we do? Can you help?

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