BRAVO DE 27/210
The Bill and Adam Comic
Hello! Do you understand?! Leave me alone! I don't fancy you, alright? What do you want from me? What [is it]?
Adam: Aww *drool*drool*

Bill: What do you want from me?!
Adam: Oh god, now I've got to cry in a bit.

Adam: Really awesome! Bill even knows my songs!

Things BRAVO reporter Sascha Wernicke wasn't actually supposed to give away...
Meeean! The Tokio Hotel twins Bill (20) and Tom (20) constantly pick on band mate Gustav (21). "He's only ever noshing and never exercises", they're slagging him off. Even though Gustl lost some weight recently! With a laugh they explain to me: "Otherwise he's always getting cheeky with us. He needs those kind of comments from us occasionally. That's how we motivate him!" Ah right, so it's well-meant. I see...

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